Homeowners may be able to access up to 80% of the value of their property through refinancing options.

Refinancing Your Mortgage

As the housing market continues to be vibrant across the country, some homeowners are looking for ways to benefit from the investment they have made in their homes. One of the best ways to do this is to refinance a mortgage.

Once you understand the benefits that refinancing can offer you, we are happy to help you with the process. Our refinancing experts can answer any questions you have and assist you in finding a solution to meet your needs. We work to make the process quick and efficient and give you access to the lowest rates available.

There are many good reasons to consider refinancing and getting some extra cash including:

• Buying more assets
• Consolidating debts like credit cards, vehicle loans or lines of credit
• Combine first and second mortgage
• Do some home renovations

To know if refinancing is right for you, it is important to ask yourself a few questions:

• Have you become tired of making several different payments every month?
• Are you only able to pay the minimum on your credit cards and loans?
• Do your lenders have higher interest rates that the current mortgage rates?
• Would you like to own some other assets like stocks or bonds?

Our Lower Rates

With the help of Dominion Lending Centre’s agents, you can access the lowest refinance rate in the country. We will negotiate with lenders on your behalf, including banks, allowing you to get big discounts on refinancing products. Why not let us work to get you the best rates? Contact us to apply today.
Refinancing requirements:

1. Acceptable Refinancing Reason

Some of the acceptable reason for refinancing include obtaining more assets, consolidating debt, merging first and second mortgages, doing renovations or making an investment
Can be used to extend the amortization period up to 30 years

2. Property Eligibility

For owner-occupied properties, there need to be no more than four units with one occupied as the primary residence
For second homes or investment properties, there need to be no more than two units
Not available for new construction projects, refinancing is for existing real estate

3. Loan-to-Value Ratio Limits

Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV) refers to the connection between the mortgage balance and the property value. For example, if your home has been valued at $100,000 and your mortgage loan is $85,000, you have an LTV of 85%. To qualify for the refinancing program, the maximum LTV ratio is 80%.

4. Increase Amortization

Refinancing can be used to extend your amortization period up to 30 years
To find out more about your refinancing options, contact us today.

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