Something Nefarious This Way Comes Unless You Know Your Intelligence

If you read in my past two posts that I want to share a new word I've learned and understand right away what the new word is just by looking at the title, congratulations!

"Nefarious" is one of those words I've read in passages and understood from the context. I've come across many words like those, but, like my 2nd year university English instructor said, vaguely guessing at a word's definition is not knowledge: it's vague guessing.

Nefarious means "wicked or evil in nature".

To use in a sentence, please refer to this post's title. Further evidence of my mastery of this word: Harry suspects Snape's leadership in a nefarious plan to kill Dumbledore, and is proven correct when he stands bound, unable to speak or move, and watches his former Potions professor strike the greatest wizard of their age with a jet of green light: the killing curse hits Dumbledore in the chest, and it's force hurtles him off the Astronomy Tower.

(Um, I recently finished the Harry Potter series.)

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Multiple Intelligences Learning: I excel in words!

You may not get all A+s in the classroom, but your body may be able to twist and turn in ways that average people cannot when you're on the football field. You may not be able to recite math formulas, but you can memorize and perform perfectly Bach's symphonies.

Over the years, there have been more studies and more consciousness raised on the various intelligent types of people; not every one is smart in the same way. The important thing is discovering where an individual excels or, at least, feels the most comfortable and learns most effectively.

In my Introduction to Business course, the first chapters focus on the multiple intelligences and how one can optimize his or her learning by recognizing his or her strengths and capitalizing on it (learning and retaining as much new, valuable information as possible).

The multiple intelligences and their characteristics are as follows:

Verbal- linguistic Able to communicate through written, spoken, heard, read language

Visual- spatial Understands spatial relationships and can visualize (perceive and create) images

Logical-mathematical Understands logical reasoning and problem solving

Bodily-kinesthetic Skillfully take in knowledge through bodily movements/coordination and use body skillfully

Interperonal Relate to others, observe moods, motives, emotions, etc

Intrapersonal Self-reflexive and aware of own behaviour and feelings

Musical Sensitive to music and musical patterns, and can comprehend and create beautiful sounds

Naturalistic Identifies, distinguishes, and classifies specimens and species, and the ecosystem of elements

Having taken the quiz from the textbook, I determined that my intelligences are : Verbal-Linguistic, Visual-Spatial, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal, the first having achieved the highest rank of development, the second the next, and the last two tied.

I confess: the blog reform I recently initiated is not just to share my knowledge, but actually to attempt to reinforce what I've learned from reading and taking notes by typing/writing about it.

Enumerating the concepts and summarizing the relationships that I learn about and posting it on my personal blog seemed like a wise way to populate my personal website while also reviewing the material I learn and helping retain it.

To find out the best way for you to learn, just do a quick Google search for "Multiple Intelligences Learning".

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Sources - Definitely worth giving a read.

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