City Thrift Pre-Opening Event

Yeah, so on with City Thrift. Overall, seems like a good store and I'd visit them again if I was in the area. I'm in south Wyandotte so going down south of 435 feels like the end of the earth to me. I don't go down there just any old time. But if I had other business in the area I'd visit this place. For now, picking between this location and the one on Wornall, I'd go with Wornall.

Despite that, I have mostly positive news to report. When you come in it's essentially a large, brightly lit space with racks and racks of stuff, primarily clothing. The place was pretty crowded with it's opening throngs and I also had my husband with me, so I didn't spend time just combing over every inch of the store hence furniture got only a quick glance and I didn't even look at housewares. So no comments on those, really.

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The clothes are, when organized, very well organized by women/men/girls/boys and further by garment type. Many places only organize by "tops" or "knit tops" versus "blouses" but they broke it down even further to the point of tanks/sleeveless level being separated off on their own rack. Shorts we're separate from capris pants, which we're separate from slacks, which we're separate from jeans, which we're separate from short skirts, which we're separate from long skirts. Each section is then organized by size: S/M/L/XL. Like any store stuff gets moved between these categories, plus not every employee always seems to have the same rules, so it's worth checking a section above and below your size if you're somewhere in the middle.

One thing I particularly appreciated is that they have the smooth, thin style of metal racks. A few stores and Red Racks does this and I forgot to give them the credit they deserved on my recent review, have racks that are a thin metal bar that is maybe 2-inches tall by 1/8 inch thick, with the narrow side up so that the hangers rest on the rack with a minimum amount of contact. What this extremely boring explanation amounts to is that the hangers have very little friction with the racks, so you can stand there, make yourself a space, and quickly flick items by and get a look at each one. Faster perusal of the goods. It's just personal preference of course, but I really like this.

Also contributing to the process of speeding up your shopping experience, I noticed that most garments have the size written on the tag, along with the price. This is nice, since not all sizes are created equal. So as you flick through the medium section you can quickly assess and narrow down your picks: "OK, I know I'm usually a 10 in Banana Republic, so this 8 is probably too smallhey, here's an 8 in Ann Taylor, OK, that one might work." So that's also convenient.

Narrowing your picks to stuff that actually fits over your head for sure is helpful, since this store has a 3-item limit on the dressing room, and like most thrift stores, there are no hooks on the outside of the door to stash your excess finds. Inside each of the three dressing rooms (which are of course brand new, which is kind of a funny experience in a thrift store), there is a yellow mesh metal bench (nice for setting your purse and your own clothes on) and a single hook for hanging up your items. I prefer two hooks so I can easily separate the items I have and haven't tried on yet, but I think most thrift stores don't have that relative luxury, so that's OK. The doors are the kind where if you're outside and unsure if it's occupied, there's a space where you can peek and check for feet and politely avoid knocking and rushing somebody.

Their shoe section, like the other City Thrift location I've visited, was nice and I saw lots of options that we're clean and several I might have bought if I didn't already own a lot of shoes and feel like my decision should be a judicious one. Many pairs I saw looked barely worn. It was more or less like the shoe section at the other City Thrift location, so worth checking out a the very least. I will note that like the other location (I forgot to mention this when I discussed them before) they don't have any shoe mirrors, so with that setup you'll need to either guess how they look on your feet, or take them to the dressing room. I would hypothesize that most stores probably don't have shoe mirrors, although Maj-R Thrift does, so maybe that's spoiled me a bit. You know how you see people in shoes that just look stupid on their feet? Bet they didn't check the mirror. Just because it looks OK from above

OK, so criticism. It could be because they just opened, but their prices seemed uneven compared to the other store. The closest rack when you walk in is ladies' sleeveless tops, so that's where I headed first, and right away I was seeing tank tops for $6-8, which to me is a bit steep. Maybe it's because this is in Johnson County south of the loop and people are expecting to pay more in general? That said, not everything was priced crazy I had some trouble figuring out their rhyme scheme, so to speak. If a Banana Republic sleeveless tee is $7, then I assume from the high price and relatively nice brand that everything is priced on some schematic that attempts to account for the garment's original price. So I was pretty shocked when I later spotted a kind of dingy looking Faded Glory top (Wal-Mart brand) for $8. That's not so far from what it cost new! Basically, there are good deals to be found, you just have to keep looking for them and be willing to pass up some stuff if it's just not priced right for you.

I didn't check through the men's section, as I usually don't, but my husband wandered through while I was examining the women's clothing and he reported essentially the same findings. He found an interesting late 1960s-ish Pendleton blazer with a broken zipper for something like $7, not too awful a price, and also some Levis that appeared to be vintage and nice condition to boot, comparably price. He didn't end up coming home with anything, but didn't seem disgusted with what he'd seen, either.

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