When to Call theGame.

He was the love of my life for 14 years, and never once have I regretted choosing black.

The first time I threw a tennis ball down my hallway to see his reaction resulted in him chasing it down and happily (and without any coordination) bringing it back to me. I didn't even have a chance to ask him for it. I taught Ed the difference between the commands "off," and "down," and when I said to him, "eat your dinner," he'd bow his head in his food bowl many times not even eating, but nonetheless doing it, most likely so I'd leave him alone. Incidentally, he'd do the same thing when it was cold and/or wet outside and I would tell him to go potty. I caught on when I realized no dog could squat and do his business in less than 2 seconds before running back inside.

He used to put a rubber bone in his mouth vertically, and use it to bat the tennis ball around the house. If I ran water in the bath tub he'd make individual trips between his toy box and the bathroom, dropping toys in, one by one. When the tub was full, he'd sit at the edge and watch them float around. If I happened to be in the tub at the time, he'd stare at me, as if to make it known I was invading his playground.

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When my family began to grow, first with the stray, Amiga who followed me home one night, and then eventually Phoebe, Eddy sat patiently by, letting them tug on his ears, or steal his toys. When Amiga passed, my strong-minded min-pin Sylvio joined us. Again, Old Ed welcomed him. He often had a worried look on his face, as if to tattle on Sylvio, who was constantly in trouble.

For fourteen years Eddy didn't leave my side. There was a point in my life, unfortunately, when I didn't think I wanted to go on. The reason I did was standing in front of me. He always knew when I was sad, as all dogs do, and any time I opened teary eyes, Eddy's own deep, black eyes would be looking intently at mine, as if to try his hardest to understand what was wrong. Sometimes he'd drop his tennis ball in front of me, suggesting his idea of happiness to make me feel better.

I'm not a religious person, but it doesn't make any logical sense to me that dogs are on this earth for no reason. Eddy and my other dogs have made me smile, laugh out loud often, and given me conversation and companionship every single day. I truly know the meaning of real joy.

When Amiga passed, it was hardly a decision for me. She was suffering from lung cancer, and was clearly telling me it was time for her to go. She stopped eating one day, and two days later wouldn't get up. Oddly enough, the day I took her to the vet, she took a dog treat from me and carefully swallowed it down. I miss her terribly.

Although Eddy still wants to give me the tennis ball, and his tail still wags when we get up in the morning, I have to make the decision myself this time. He has the body of a 90 year old, and his legs barely hold him up anymore. He can't chase after the ball without falling over. His teeth are worn down to the gums, and his eyes are almost lost in the fog of cataracts. The active, happy-go-lucky life Eddy lived has run it's course.

Eddy was and is the love of my life. And since I simply cannot love him anymore, I will spend every day, for the rest of my life thanking him.

He gave me a purpose.

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