How to order a martini

So the original martini was made with gin and became popular with vodka after James Bond - he screwed it all up for us! (Well give him a pass though, because he's so handsome. All of them.)

I like Bombay Sapphire Gin because it is so aromatic. It goes really well with a lemon twist because of the lemon peel infused in it. Note: A lemon twist is a sliver of the lemon peel, twisted and squeezed over the drink and rubbed against the rim of the glass so the natural oils from the twist bring out the lemon in the gin.

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If you're in the mood for cucumber, order it with Hendricks - it's infused with cucumber and rose. Get a couple of slices of cucumber as a garnish.

Any gin will do, really. See what your bartender has and ask if he has something particularly interesting. You can taste everything in martinis because they're so simple and you're sipping them. You want to enjoy it.

Typical martini garnishes are olives or lemon twists. You can try any citrus twist with a specialty alcohol. Get olives stuffed with special ingredients like bleu cheese. There are so many options, so have fun with it!

If you get your martini with black olives, your martini turns into a Buckeye and if you get it with a cocktail onion, like Roger Sterling in Mad Men, you now have a Gibson.

If you want to use vodka, go for it. Just get something top shelf, please!

Neat, Dry, Dirty, or Smoky:

If you just want a cold shot of gin, ask for a neat martini. That means it won't be watered down, which is what happens when you order something on the rocks (over ice) or shaken (well get to that soon).

Next up is the dry vermouth. Dry vermouth is a liqueur that is added to the martini to take the harshness and bite away from the alcohol. But vermouth has it's own taste, so be careful. If you order a lot and you hate it, the whole drink is ruined.Here's how I like it: put a few drops of vermouth in the glass, swirl it around the coat the inside, and pour the excess out. Enough to help but not enough to really taste.

Dirty means you want some of the olive brine, extra dirty means even more olive brine. Add a dash of scotch to the mix and you can call it smoky.

Shaken or Stirred:

Everyone wants to order their martini shaken - it sounds cool to say shaken, not stirred like James Bond. I get it. But shaken means you get a watered down martini. Now, that may be what you want. Instead of ordering extra vermouth, you may want to cut the taste of the alcohol with a bit of water. Or you may just want to take it slow. That's fine. You'll get a cloudy, watered-down martini. This method is known as the Bradford.

Stirred is preferred is my saying. Your bartender will pour your alcohol into the shaker with ice and stir it for about 15-20 seconds. The ice only slightly melts and it gets your alcohol cold as hell. Your drink comes out clear and it's something you sip. When you order your martini stirred, save for any olive brine or scotch, it should be crystal clear in your martini glass.

Heres how you order:

May I please have a [Insert alcohol of choice] martini, [neat, dry, dirty, extra dirty, or smoky], [shaken or stirred] with a [garnish of choice].

Knowing how you like your martini and being able to sit and sip it alone in public is only the beginning. Try this out!

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