5 Reasons Why You Need To be a Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is when you write a post for another blog. In return, at the least you get a backlink to your website. In terms of SEO, backlinks from relevant websites will boost your website authority, raise your pagerank, and give you better search engine results. There are many additional benefits to guest blogging that go beyond just the backlink.

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Many bloggers shutter at the thought of writing a guest blog post, because they can hardly come up with good content for their own blog. You shouldn't think like that. Good content is good content whether you have it on your blog or on another blog, as long as you get credit for it. Remember you can always make a section in your sidebar that links to all your guest blog posts around the net.

  1. Build authority Especially if you can get on a well read blog or news source. In my post about old media moving into new media, many newspapers are starting social sections of their websites. This is a great place to try to get a guest blog post. newspaper websites typically have very high readership and high page rank. Also try to guest blog for educational sites with .edu domain names. Make sure you are blogging on a website that is about your topic. Don't blog about the Chevy Volt on a blog about Gardening
  2. Make new connections in the blogosphere - A guest blog post often looks like a testimonial to you. If the blog owner that allowed you write a post on his blog trusts you, so should his readers. Don't try to oversell in the guest blog post. Your goal is to make their blog better and for you to gain more readers on your blog.
  3. You control the backlinks The link text is very important when the Google spiders look at backlinks to your site. When you control the blog post you also control all the keywords and links back to your site. When you combine a similar blog website, blog title, blog content and backlink text, you have a very powerful backlink.
  4. You'll get more syndication The readers of the blog will most. Blogs are not the end all for your content. Whenever you write a blog post, whether it is for your blog of for someone else, you want you content to be shared with other readers. You want the readers to Retweet it, digg it, email it, bookmark it, etc So if you think about it, you're not just writing your content for one blog, your writing it to get passed around the internet.
  5. You become a go to guy You will be asked to either write more guest blog posts for other blogs, or you will start to get guest blog post requests for your blog.

If you want to get started guest blogging there are a few ways to go about it.

  1. contact the blog owners and ask if you can be a guest blogger. include the topics you will write about.
  2. write the guest blog post and "shop it" send it the blog owners and see if anyone what to post it. Make sure they do not all post it tough.
  3. start with ezine websites such as ezinearticles.com, articledashboard.com, etc you can get some good backlinks and practice your skills on writing.

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