An Excellent Observation to Start the Day

Last night I had the pleasure of watching an incredible band play at the Solus. Now, I don't usually like gigs at the Solus, I find that layout of the hall (is it a hall? Function room? Dance floor? All of these?) isn't really suited for gigs, I much prefer the Great Hall.


One of my favourite bands, London Grammar, kickedoff their sold out UK tour last night in the Solus, and they we're just outstanding. Opening with 'Hey Now', which is also the opening track of the band's debut album If You Wait , silenced the crowd. It was plain to see that front woman Hannah Reid's soothing vocals had placed fans into a mesmerised state.

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The talent wasn't just showcased through Hannah's ability to hit every note whilst playing the piano (don't know about anyone else, but I sound horrific trying to reach the same notes she does, no record dealfor me anytime soon). Dan Rothman and Dominic Major who complete the trio, swapped and switchedup instruments throughout the set, with song after song being performed perfectly.

It is difficult to decide what song was my favourite from last night, I spent the night with a couple of ciders in my hand, swaying and singing along (badly, and therefore quietly) stopping only to tell my friends 'I love this song' after pretty much every one. Although the band admitted that it was their first time to play 'Sights' to an audience, if I did have to decide a favourite, I'd choose this one.

The band finished their encore with 'Metal & Dust', and you could tell that the packed room wanted even more. The fact that the three friends we're able to hold the crowd with a simplistic set with some lighting effects speaks massive volumes!

I think their performance last night was one of the best I have seen and I am thoroughly glad I voted for them for British Breakthrough Act. And I also have a wonderful new tote bag. Win.

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