Are you asking yourself Why? / How to find your 'Why?'

The purpose of this article is to offer some useful advice in the form of a few tips to help entrepreneurs find their 'why?' (their true purpose) for starting a business.

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I regularly speak to so many entrepreneurs who seem to have hit a brick wall with their fledgling business and are considering starting a new venture from scratch. Icome acrossthis all to often and I can't help but think that this can be prevented simply by asking yourself one simple question 'Why?'

Why are you doing what you are doing? Why are you offering this product or service to this particular market and this particular type of client? Why?

If the first answer that comes into your mind is 'to make money' then you are setting yourself up for a fall and you need to go back and adjust your mindset in order to re-think your approach. Yes, of course it is going to be essential for your business to make money and be profitable, but ensuring that your business makes money is a part of the process that comes after finding the 'why?'

Steve Jobs famously commented about his Apple Revolution stating that it was never about the products to begin with it was all about the 'why?'. His 'why?' would probably look something like this:

'To make modern, groundbreaking technology available and easily accessible to the every day ordinary person.'

This is just one sentence, but it sums up (in a sense) the vision that Steve Jobs held in his mind, and more importantly it gives us his 'why?' behind the reasons for embarking upon his journey in the first place (and we all know what happened next!)

In my opinion there are 4 key factors that you need toconsider in order to not only understand your 'why?' but to actually follow through and be able to deliver your vision:

- Passion

- Belief

- Knowledge

- Drive


You will always hear me refer to passionquite a bit in my previous article which you can read here: . I honestly feel verystrongly thatPassion is the nucleus of any business. There MUST be a passion there, a burning desire for any subject matterin order to create a product or service that you feel can not only offer value to your clients but change the landscape of that market and make people 'think differently'. I refer you back to Steve Jobs as my example, but let's also look at Walt Disney his passion was obviously animation. His 'why?' would probably look something like this:

'To create the best, and most memorable entertainment viewing experiences for audiences via the power of animation'.

There is always a clear motive behind every successful business.


You can have all the passion and desire in the world but without your belief you are never going to fullfill your dreams. If you suffer from limiting beliefs (a subject I will touch upon in a future article) or if you struggle to motivate yourself to take action over your beliefs and passions then you are always going to be in a constant struggle with yourself and your own mindset. So it's paramount to your business that once you have found your passion that you have full belief in it in order to follow your path and see your journey all the way through.


You obviously need to know your market and know what your perfect client looks like and wants. This might sound too obvious but think about it what if it was your passion to be aleading recruitment consultantfor the creative industries sector and it was your single most burning desire to achieve this. That's fantastic. I'm presuming your 'why?' would be tosource and provideyour clients with a constant flow of carefully vetted candidates who demonstrate the highest calibre in their field. But what if your main experience is in accounting and youhave little to no knowledge of recruitment or the creative industries?

You've nailed PASSION. You've nailed BELIEF. Oh oh.. you've slipped up on KNOWLEDGE.

The good news about knowledge is that providing you are willing to learn then you can take coursesand improve your knowlege, andthere is no limit to how much knowledge you can gain.

This may not be the best example but hopefully you get my point. Passion and belief can not be utilised to full effect without knowledge. You can gain knowledge to feed your passion but depending on what you're gaining knowledge about be prepared to commit some time to this. On saying this; if your passion and beliefs are so strong about a particluar subject then donating your time to gaining knowledge on this subject will not be a problem.


This final pointer is quite obvious but it is very relevant. I'm sure that everyone who is redaing this blog at one point or another has known a person, whether it be a friend, colleague, family member, and this person is super intelligent (possibly educated to degree level)and they even have a strong interest in a particular subject (they might call it a hobby). Yet this intelligent individual works in a job that they are unhappy with for just above minimum wage. I know that I have come across this at least on a couple of occasions. Sometimes it can be down to belief ; the person has not been able to overcome their limiting beliefs and therefore has settled for the norm. However, if you manage to locate your passion which you fully believe in and then you alreadyown or have gained the necessary knowledge that you need there is absolutely NO REASON WHATSOEVER not to push forward and see things through. If you don't then it is down to your LACK OF DRIVE.

You must have drive to see things through. If you start something that you're truly passionate about and believe in and also have credible knowledge about you need your drive to make things happen, to overcome the obstacles that you are going to face and the problems that you will inevitably encounter. Drive is a compulory ingredient that you will findinstilled in any successful entrepreneur.

I hope many of you find this article helpful. The purpose of my blog is to research, source and share knowledge that is I feel isuseful to startups. If you are an entrepreneur and starting a new business and maybe you're craving information on a particular subject matter pleas subscribe, connect with me on social media and feel free to message with any questions. I will try and incorporate as much relevantinformation into future blogs as possible.

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