Being More Intentional

Definition of intentional: "characterized by conscious design or purpose "I've had a growing conviction that life, mine specifically, should be filled with more purpose and a sense of intentionality. Everything we say and do should carry weight to it and should be thoughtfully considered before we act. As I write this blog entry, am I giving it the full attention it deserves or am I simply writing fast to post it and fill up blog space? Or am I only trying to sound witty and insightful for it's own sake? For whoever reads this, it will make an impression, for however short or long a time. Did I put my best foot forward and give a memorable and beneficial presentation of myself and ideas? How intentional was I in this process?

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Part of being intentional is giving everything we do 100%. Every moment matters. Everything we do makes an impact, minimally to our own lives and almost certainly will influence the lives of others in some manner. And that also means I need to do better about giving my undivided attention to the task or person at hand. It's not fair to myself or others to not be fully engaged.

I think another aspect of being intentional is being proactive. More and more of what I'm seeing is a reactionary response to everything around us. we complain about the problems instead of formulating potential solutions. We find ways to place responsibility and blame on anyone who isn't the person we see in the mirror. You will have nobody to point a finger at but yourself when you look around wondering why who you are isn't you wanted to be if you didn't do anything to change the situation. It's time to take action and work to make your world more of what you want it to be. That can mean taking steps of faith in directions you're unsure of, but that's why they're steps of faith, right?

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