A cleanse every 90 days

AdvoCare recommends doing a cleanse every 90 days. And my 90 days is definitely up!

The past couple of weeks I've been sick and experienced symptoms of "over-training." In addition, I've been stressing about my training and school and that has led me to hold onto some water weight. I legitimately hold water like a whale. You do one thing to add stress to my life or throw a wrench into my normal routine and BAM. I can definitely see and feel a difference.

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With that, I decided to listen to my body and ease back on training a bit. I have been craving a cleanse. It will really help get rid of that little bit of a lingering cold that has been hanging around for far too long. Not to mention, my body is going to be soooo happy afterwards.

This is not some crazy cleanse where you only drink tea or juice. It's eating clean with the help of some fiber and probiotics to cleanse out your system. It's like pressing a re-set button on your kidneys, liver, and digestive system.

Believe me, your body will thank you for it. I know by the end of these 10 days I will have so much energy and will most likely see some weight loss.

I am using AdvoCare's 10 Day Herbal Cleanse.

Remember, I am a broke college student. That means my resources for "completely clean" foods are limited.

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