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My Name Is Cameron Wilson.

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I was born and raised in Southern Ontario and love my home. I am blessed to have a great Lady in my life, Kristen, and my three young children – who make life fun! My family has been based out of Niagara for over four generations and I plan on staying here for the rest of my life – I love my home and the Ti-Cats! Grateful, second generation Brock University graduate, majoring in History with concentrations in Philosophy and Political Science. I am putting my education to use in my mortgage practice and business model to ensure the wellbeing of our communities, to do what I can to “pay it forward.”

When I am not working; I can be found spending time with my family & friends, going for walks in green spaces, riding my bike or cooking a nice meal! I also love knowing my intimate knowledge of the mortgage industry, truly does make a postive difference for others in our community. As a Mortgage Agent, I am independent and work for you – I can guide you and share information, typically, buried in the terms and conditions in the institutional setting.

Starting from scratch in 2015, as a mortgage agent, has evolved into a strong practice into 2019. My knowledge of the mortgage industry has allowed me to be able to open a store front location in scenic Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines and a secondary office in Hamilton. My knowledge and passion has allowed me to become a partner of Niagara Health Foundation & Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation. My advice on mortgage policy directly affected a motion at City Hall that changed the City of St. Catharines’ investment portfolio and has allowed the City to enjoy a higher rate of return. This allows more money to be available for services to constituents VS the repayment of debt.

In other words, I can share things with you, that you would never be exposed to, working in the Big Financial institution setting. This really is a good thing for you and your family – I have many reviews and testimonials that attest to this. This is why I love my job, helping people around me have more money is very rewarding, coupled with creating sustainable revenue for our Hospitals in Niagara and Greater Hamilton.

My first and only priority is your best financial interest! I hope to see you soon and help you get the best mortgage and financial education, enhancing your net worth and quality of life.


Cam Wilson

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