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Left: Cameron Wilson, Mortgage Agent – Dominion Lending Centres | Right: Tamara Pope, VP Marketing and Communications – Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation

We all want to live in a compassionate and prosperous city – socially, economically, environmentally and culturally. Our partnership with Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation demonstrates our commitment to taking personal action to achieve our shared goals.  We have what it takes.

The health and well-being of our cities are measured by the health and well-being of everyone. The success of our cities depends on ourselves, community partners, health care system and businesses working together. Through combining care and action, we will ensure that no one is left outside the circle of community.

Our partnership creates a new bridge between the mortgage community and health care and allows me to provide 5% of my gross revenue/commissions to assist (HHSF) for the purchase of much-needed medical equipment and patient amenities to benefit the specialised family of Hamilton Health Sciences’ Hospitals. The Provincial Government does not provide funding for Hospitals for the purchase of medical equipment – Donors fund 100 per cent of the equipment used to diagnose, treat and care for patients – from replacing the most basic necessities to investing in sophisticated new technologies.

With over 300,000 mortgage holders in Greater Hamilton, accounting for over $63 billion per year in mortgage volume. There is extensive opportunity to ensure individuals and families have increased disposable income and better growth in their net worth, plus creating sustainable and reoccurring revenue for our health care.

With hallway medicine, code zero events, and exponential growth in Government debt creating a situation that needs further attention – we are working hard to help when and where we can. So this what we are doing: Get The Mortgage That Gives! Let the mortgage community be the leader by creating a new way of doing business. One way we find, that would be helpful in addressing the above issues, is Social Capitalism. Where businesses can use their company as a force for social good!

As a Mortgage Agent – I am not a “fringe element” or “second choice” after the client visits their Big Financial institution and are declined. That is a myth and I am here to address the realities of the mortgage process and world.

It all comes down to objectivity and independence – as a mortgage agent I work with Canada’s major banks, credit unions, monoline lenders and a variety of other lenders. The key though, is I am an independent contractor whose explicit purpose is to provide expert advice on mortgages, enhancing the net worth of my client.

I work for you, the client, not the financial institution – meaning your best financial interest, is my sole concern, not the financial institution and their financial interests. I place my clients with the appropriate lender through my expert knowledge on policy, rates and market trends to secure your best financial interest.

In the market there are significant variations in policies – outside the Interest Rate. Most consumers only know a mortgage to be an interest rate because that is the only information they receive in the Big Financial Institution setting. What about IRD penalties or post-claim underwriting – this Globe and Mail article outlines the massive differences in how (IRD) is calculated from lenders using a two column format (posted rate & contract rate) vs one column format (contract rate). The research I have collected and extrapolated, suggest the losses to Canadian mortgage holders across Canada, is in excess of $15,000,000,000/yr on the difference in how the (IRD) penalty is calculated. The research is derived from the policies, CMHC, Stats Can, Census data and are from 2016:

I truly hope this information will help you join me in building a better community for all of us – Get The Mortgage That Gives! Spread the word – share this blog post and help me help you!


Cameron Wilson | Mortgage Agent | 800-969-0014 | crwilson@dominionlending.ca

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